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Why You Should Choose QualCal Metrology For Calibration

Why You Should Choose QualCal Metrology For Calibration Maintaining precise calibrations for the equipment that your business relies on is important. Whether you are providing goods, services, or even both, these calibrations ensure absolute accurate measurements. These measurements are a foundational building block for the entire process of your products and services. Without proper calibrations, the quality of the goods and services that your business provides is diminished. QualCal Metrology was founded in 2009 for just that reason: providing precise calibration services for companies in the Fort Worth metroplex. Every decision that is made begins with the customer in mind from start to finish. Keep reading to find out why QualCal Metrology is the best [...]

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What Is Metrology And Why Is It Needed?

What Is Metrology And Why Is It Needed? Despite how important it is to industries, metrology isn’t a very commonly known term. So, what exactly is it? Metrology is defined as the science of weights and measures or of measurement. Simply put, it’s the study of measurement. Having the capability to have precise measurements is vital to numerous different industries. For example, the space industry requires extremely precise measurements to ensure the safety and success of everyone and everything involved. A measurement off by just a few centimeters could mean disaster! The Different Fields Of Metrology Metrology can be further broken down into three different sub-categories for study. Regardless of which field of metrology you [...]

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