What Is Metrology And Why Is It Needed?

Despite how important it is to industries, metrology isn’t a very commonly known term. So, what exactly is it? Metrology is defined as the science of weights and measures or of measurement. Simply put, it’s the study of measurement. Having the capability to have precise measurements is vital to numerous different industries. For example, the space industry requires extremely precise measurements to ensure the safety and success of everyone and everything involved. A measurement off by just a few centimeters could mean disaster!

The Different Fields Of Metrology

Metrology can be further broken down into three different sub-categories for study. Regardless of which field of metrology you are looking at, the same core principle remains: it focuses on the study of measurements. One way to put it is that the different fields of metrology apply that principle in different ways. Here are the three fields within metrology:

  1. Scientific Metrology – The best comparison for this field of metrology is research and development. Scientific metrology focuses on the actual study of the measurement which includes the developments of new measurements and methods of measurements. This field is primarily responsible for the evolution of metrology as well as its standards and qualities.
  2. Applied Metrology – As the name suggests, this field actually applies the studies of measurements to a real world practice. This field applies the science of measurements to the processes of manufacturing and creating the actual products and services with precise measurements.
  3. Legal Metrology – This field of metrology involves the regulatory side of the study of measurement. After all, the study of all of these different measurements need to have a sort of fact-check to ensure that the standards meet legal requirements. The purpose of this is to protect the consumer market from misleading information or poor quality measurements.
what is metrology and why is it needed

Common Terminology In Metrology To Know

There is a lot of terminology to know in metrology just like any other scientific field. Luckily, there are some more common ones that are extremely important to know. Here are some common terms used in metrology that you should know:

  • Accreditation – a laboratory receives accreditation/certification to prove that it has obtained a stringent set of standards. QualCal Metrology has obtained certification to provide NIST approved services with ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO 10012 and ISO 9001.
  • Calibration – this is an important one, since it’s the foundation of metrology itself. Calibrations are a set of graduations that indicate values or positions.
  • Tolerance – simply put, this represents the min and max of values.
  • Validation – this occurs at the end of the calibration services. Validation verifies that a particular good or service has met the requirements for what the good or service was intended to do.

Why Is Metrology Important?

There are so many reasons why metrology is so important for numerous industries. For one, innovations in various science and manufacturing industries rely on precise calibrations. Improperly measured components can lead to a more poor quality product or, even worse, a completely failed product. In industries like space exploration and travel, the slightest deviation of measurement could spell disaster.

With all of this in mind, metrology helps to drive our economy. From the roads that we drive on to the manufacturing of various goods and services, they all know precise, accurate measurements to ensure a high quality. Without a strong understanding of metrology and maintaining the field in high regard, there would be less efficient innovation and progress in numerous fields of science and even in society.

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