Why You Should Choose QualCal Metrology For Calibration

Maintaining precise calibrations for the equipment that your business relies on is important. Whether you are providing goods, services, or even both, these calibrations ensure absolute accurate measurements. These measurements are a foundational building block for the entire process of your products and services. Without proper calibrations, the quality of the goods and services that your business provides is diminished.

QualCal Metrology was founded in 2009 for just that reason: providing precise calibration services for companies in the Fort Worth metroplex. Every decision that is made begins with the customer in mind from start to finish. Keep reading to find out why QualCal Metrology is the best choice in Fort Worth for all of your calibration needs.

On-Site and In-House Calibration Services

We offer two methods for delivering our precision calibration services. The first of these methods is providing in-house calibrations at our own laboratory right here in Fort Worth. Our own laboratory is maintained under the most rigorous standards of quality to ensure the best calibration services. This dedicated space is environmentally controlled, allowing us to have complete control and deliver quality to you.

Our second method is through on-site calibration. If it’s more of an advantage for your business, whether it’s time or flexibility for scheduling your calibrations, we are able to provide high quality services right there at your own facility. This method can also help your business to forego shipping costs and removes the risk of any equipment being damaged in transit on the way to our on-site calibration facility.

Fast, Efficient, and Convenient Calibrations

why you should choose qualcal metrology for calibration services

At QualCal Metrology, we know all too well that your business can’t afford for your calibrations to take weeks. You need to ensure that this equipment is always functioning at peak performance to maintain high quality products and services. If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex you can expect free pick-up and delivery of your equipment to and from our laboratory. If you’re reading this and you’re just outside the metroplex, don’t worry. We can still perform pick-up and delivery at a nominal fee to ensure you can get the same convenient, precise calibrations.

This helps us to deliver on our high standard of turnaround time. Your equipment needs to be calibrated quickly and efficiently, and then returned to a state of production as soon as possible. With QualCal Metrology, you can expect a turnaround time of 3 to 5 working days.

QualCal Metrology Is Customer-Focused

We are 100% committed to being customer-focused. Not only do we perform the highest quality of calibrations, but we also give you outstanding customer service throughout the entire process. To cut down on time talking back and forth, and reducing any miscommunication, we provide Online Instrument Tracking for all of our calibration services.

What does our Online Instrument Tracking do for you? With this system, you can easily look up the current status of your instrument calibrations. This can be conveniently done right from your computer or even your phone. Through this system you will also be able to access certification updates, print the information about your calibrations, as well as easily print your calibration certificates whenever you need them.

Huge Variety Of Calibrations

We perform precise calibrations on numerous instruments to ensure we can service any company’s calibration needs. There are way too many to list here in this article, but we’ll provide a rundown of the types of instruments we service with high quality calibrations:

  • Dimensional Instruments like bore gauges, calipers, height gauges, and more.
  • Temperature Instruments like bi-metal thermometers, environmental chambers, thermocouples, and more.
  • Torque/Mass Instruments like balances, scales, torque wrenches, and more.
  • Pressure Instruments like pressure gauges, magnahelic gauges, and vacuum gauges.
  • Electronic Instruments like oscilloscopes, power supplies, shunts, and more.
  • Timing Instruments like tachometers and stopwatches.

Certified Calibration Services In Fort Worth

Don’t settle for subpar calibration services in the greater Fort Worth metroplex. Your business deserves high quality calibration and customer service. Give QualCal Metrology a call today to get started on your calibration services so you can maintain your high standard for production.