Dimensional Calibration Services

QualCal Metrology proudly offers high-level assessments in all dimensional instrument calibration and testing services. We offer unique access to individual testing demands through our timely and accurate online tracking system. Our team of industry professionals carries premiere levels of accreditation in ISO 17025 calibration services and can tailor our services to your dimensional calibration needs. We offer varying calibration services to meet industry demands, and whether you want an in-house or on-site calibration, QualCal Metrology offers reliable and backed results in both settings.

While our services are third party, we cater your experience to feel personable. We take pride in our trustworthy reputation, and that’s why we offer various settings. Our in-house team located in Fort Worth, Texas, maintains the highest-quality laboratory with compliance and safety standards leading the way. Every dimensional calibration service performed in-house receives the same delicate care and structured service as an on-site calibration service. With an in-house dimensional calibration, you can expect to see your testing results and assessment values in as little as three to five days. Connect with our one of our trained and certified professionals if you need expedited services.

Our on-site team offers unique dimensional calibration services to the greater DFW Metroplex. With the same three-to-five-day turnaround or expedited assessments upon request, you can expect our on-site team to deliver structured convenience, flexible schedules, reduced downtimes, and effectively eliminate the shipping process.

Some of our dimensional instrument services include but are not limited to:

  • Test indicators
  • Master setting discs
  • Rules and scales
  • Calipers
  • Height gauges

Connect with QualCal today to inquire about your instruments!

With QualCal Metrology, you don’t have to worry about how your assessments are managed. We offer a free pickup and delivery service to our DFW Metroplex clients and ensure your dimensional calibration services receive the care they deserve. Don’t live in our local range? That’s okay. We can meet your dimensional testing demands for a nominal fee, with rates subject to location and other variable factors.

Our team at QualCal Metrology is ready to work with you today. Contact our team to learn more about our calibration services and the different types of dimensional measurement tools and instruments we work with.